Institut Mesopotamie de Bruxelles, was established in Brussels to conduct historical, cultural and artistic studies. After the new board of directors is appointed was determined in January 2022, it became active and, education programs on Mesopotamian languages, beliefs, mythologies, gastronomy and social life are prepared.

The institute was founded with the mission of fostering education in all fields related to the study of the Mesopotamian civilizations, especially the Assyrians, by encouraging the training of researchers, contributing to the work of existing researchers and creating a suitable environment for experts from different countries to come together in joint projects.

To be an institute that brings together many disciplines such as Sociology, Linguistics and Religious Studies, History, Mythology, Literature and Culture, offers a more valid and comprehensive analysis opportunity both on a regional and global scale with this interdisciplinary perspective, and educates new researchers through various activities, increases academic vitality constantly.


We are honored to announce to you the first painting exhibition we organized as the Institut Mésopotamie de Brukselles. You are all invited to our painting exhibition called Fig Tree, which will be opened on 12 June 2022, at 16.00 with the theme of “The Situation of Women in Sayfo”.

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Nurgül Çelebi
Miklos Kerekes
Gamze Özdemir
Adem Coşkun