Institut Mésopotamie de Bruxelles was founded in Brussels to carry out studies in the history, culture, and art of Mesopotamia. After the new board of directors was appointed in January 2022, a new educational program on Mesopotamian languages, beliefs, mythologies, gastronomy, and social life was started.

The Institut was founded with the mission of fostering education in all fields related to the study of ancient and contemporary Mesopotamian civilizations by training and supporting researchers, helping them in underway research, and creating a suitable environment for experts from different countries to come together in joint projects.

To be an educational research center and learning institute that brings together many disciplines such as sociology, linguistics, religion studies, history, mythology, and literature studies, to offer tools for a more comprehensive analysis, providing interdisciplinary perspectives, to educate new researchers through various activities, and constantly increase academic vitality.



Nurgül Çelebi
Miklos Kerekes
Gamze Özdemir
Adem Coşkun