Institut Mésopotamie was founded with the mission of fostering research and providing education in all fields related to the study of ancient and contemporary Mesopotamian civilizations, especially with regards to the Syriacs, Assyrians, Arameans, Chaldeans, and Mandeans, by training researchers, supporting the work of existing researchers, and creating a suitable environment for experts from different countries to come together in joint projects. The goal of the Institut is to increase interest in Mesopotamian civilizations with academic and qualified research, to contribute to the dissemination and production of new literature, and to support researchers who want to work professionally in this field. It’s aim is also to introduce Mesopotamian communities to each other and to introduce them to the world. Our institute aims to be an institution that upholds academic ethics and quality rules and maintains transparent and responsible governance.

To be an institute that brings together many disciplines such as Sociology, Linguistics and Religious Studies, History, Mythology, Literature and Culture, offers a more valid and comprehensive analysis opportunity both on a regional and global scale with this interdisciplinary perspective, and educates new researchers through various activities, increases academic vitality constantly.

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