Institut Mésopotamie (Bethnahrin) de Bruxelles was founded in Brussels to, among others, carry out training and studies in the history, culture, and art of Mesopotamia. Our institute has the character of an international non-governmental organization and is independent of any political party. The official registration is as the “Institut Mésopotamie (Bethnahrin) de Bruxelles” with the Chamber of Commerce in Brussels, Belgium, under company number: BE 0465 214 176. The legal form is a non-profit association by membership (French: Association Sans But Lucratif. Flemish: Vereniging Zonder Winstoogmerk).

After the new board of directors was appointed in January 2022, an extensive educational program on Mesopotamian languages, beliefs, mythology, gastronomy, and social life was started.


The Institut was founded to foster education in all fields related to the study of Mesopotamian civilizations, especially the Syriac one, by encouraging the training of researchers, supporting underway research, and by creating a suitable environment for experts from different countries and disciplines to come together in joint projects.

Our vision and basic principles

Institut Mésopotamie (Bethnahrin) de Bruxelles aims to inform the international public opinion about the past and contemporary history and culture of the Aramean-Assyrian-Chaldean-Syriac people and bring together different fields of study about Mesopotamian societies, cultures, and peoples such as the Syriacs, but also of other peoples with whom they are in contact, such as Arabs, Armenians, Kurds, Turks, and Yazidis. 

Institut Mésopotamie aims to do this in an institutional and academically qualified manner and structure by carrying out educational activities and research in the cultural, social and linguistic fields. It conducts its academic activities on Mesopotamian civilizations, especially in Syriac studies, together with researchers who are experts in their fields. Multiple events, seminars, conferences and workshops are organized each year. Our institute aims to be an institution with high academic ethics and quality, and transparent and responsible governance.

The Institut aims to help and train students and researchers and provide scholarships to students and researchers, to maintain academic vitality, provide training programs, contribute to the production of literature, and the opening of relevant departments within the Institut. By bringing together different disciplines such as sociology, linguistics, religion studies, history, mythology, and literature studies, by offering tools for a more comprehensive analysis, by providing interdisciplinary perspectives and by educating researchers through various activities, the Institut aims to constantly increase academic vitality and introduce Mesopotamian communities to each other and to introduce them to the world.

Our Basic Principles

Being open to continuous improvement

Adopting an investigative and critical approach

To base our activities on scientific ethics and democratic values

Adhering to the principle of equality of opportunity and justice