Our Activities

Within the framework of Mesopotamian research; The aims of the institute, where different aspects of Mesopotamian civilizations will be examined in fields ranging from history to archaeology and art history, from literature to Semitic languages, to philosophy: To contribute to the development of Mesopotamian studies in the world, to function as a platform for research and to strengthen international academic cooperation. The Institute carries out the following activities in line with its aims:

  • To support and foster the development of education in the fields of Mesopotamian languages, history, history of art and architecture, archaeology, religion and beliefs; to contribute to the education of students specializing in the above-mentioned, and post-graduate/doctoral studies in these fields; to promote the development of Syriac, Hebrew and Aramaic (as well as other languages ​​spoken in the region) education, which form the basis of expertise in the Mesopotamian field; To organize seminars on subjects such as mythology, history of religions, archaeology, and art history in addition to these languages.
  • To initiate and support various projects involving research, documentation, conservation, application and development projects, and to cooperate with local and foreign universities, non-governmental organizations and institutional units for the realization of these projects; to ensure that these projects are announced through workshops, talk series, seminars and various publications.
  • To encourage academic exchange and collaboration among post-doctoral researchers and faculty members in other countries; to connect experts through national and international conferences to be organized.
  • To support and foster studies and projects that document and preserve the Mesopotamian cultural heritage.
  • To inform the public about Mesopotamian civilizations through events for wider audiences such as exhibitions, popular speech series and efficient use of the internet.
  • To promote studies that examine Mesopotamian culture in a common context with neighbouring cultures, and to support the interdisciplinary studies that will reveal its ties with world civilizations.
  • To create an archive unit that includes all studies on Mesopotamian cultures until today. To ensure the establishment of a publishing house to print and publish the aforementioned archive documents and the outputs of the studies carried out within the institute (books, brochures, magazines, etc.).